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Give me a B! Give me an R! Give me an I! Give me a D! Give me an E! What have we got? One fantastic hen party of dance! Great for birthday parties too! More on cheerleading Try something sexy and flirtatious at your hen party with a burlesque session. Use a variety of props to become the ultimate femme fatale at your hen party! More on burlesque Try something sexy and flirtatious at your hen party with a pole dancing session. It's not just about the art of seduction; these dance classes are a great way to build confidence, exercise and HAVE FUN! More on pole dancing

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The 80s are back with a vengeance. If you want to re-create the moves from Flashdance or Fame for your hen party, get your legwarmers and neon outfits ready. Dress sense optional! More on 80s dance Ever wanted to be Sandy for the day? Well now you can be at your own hen party. Get in touch and we'll tell you more! This is sure to be the one that you want! More on Grease Ever wanted to be baby for the day? Head over to one of our venues and have the time of your life at your hen party. More on Dirty Dancing

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Are you a dancing queen? If the answer is "ja" (that's "yes" in Sweedish) then put your money, money, money where your mouth is at your hen party and take a chance on this dance session. Find out more about ABBA dancing Celebrate one of MJ’s definitive moments by re-creating all the moves from the dance sensation that is Thriller at your hen party! Find out more about Thriller themed dance parties One for gleeks everywhere! A Glee theme dance party is a sure fire way to get the hen party started for all fans of the hit TV series. Find out more about Glee themed dance parties

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Get ready to learn the Salsa! It’s fiery, its sexy and above all loads of laughs... and don’t worry ladies: you needn’t bring a partner! Find out more about Salsa Become entranced with the vibrant colours and sparkles of Bollywood glamour during your Bollywood dance class. Find out more about Bollywood Learn a range of the easier Arabic dance moves then bring it all together to perform one very seductive dance routine all without the aid of a pole! Find out more about belly dancing

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One of the latest crazes to sweep the UK, hula hooping is a fun way to tone your core muscles, and burn off some of the excess pounds, whilst having a whole lot of fun in the process! Find out more about hula hooping If you’ve always wanted to be able to move it street style, this is the hen party for you. Find out more about street dancing Ever fancied trying line dancing for a bit of fun? Well now you can with our exciting line dancing parties. Line Dancing is a great group activity with every one in the group moving! Find out more about line dancing


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Can’t decide between pole and burlesque? Grease or Dirty Dancing? Decisions decisions!!! Get the best of both worlds by having two of your favourites in one session! Find out more about mix and match classes If we haven’t already listed a dance style you and your girls would like to groove to, create your own! Simply let us know the style you’d like and your song choices and we’ll choreograph it for you. Find out more about create your own classes