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Want to be a cheerleader? Now’s your chants!

Meet the cheerleading troupe!

Cheerleading is becoming a more and more popular activity for parties. And it’s not just great for hen weekends. Birthday parties, graduations, reunions: they’re all a great excuse to shake those pom-poms.

Cheerleading developed in America to help get crowds cheering at football games. Back then it was boys who did the dancing, but now it’s more popular with women. And it’s become even more popular lately thanks to films and TV shows like Bring It On, Heroes and, of course, Glee.

So what could be a better activity than a fun dance routine recalling moves from some great shows? And even better: you’ll be doing it with friends and creating come fantastic hen weekend memories!

It’s a great group activity. So this makes it a fantastic opportunity for a bunch of friends to get together and have fun. And if not everyone in the party does know each other, it’s a great ice breaker.

Arranging a cheerleading dance is a great way to make the special girl have an equally special day. She’ll get her own chant yelled out by her closest friends and family as she’s put firmly at the centre of attention.

On top of all the fun, you’ll have, cheerleading is a great form of exercise. So you’ll be keeping fit as you enjoy your hen weekend.

After the cheerleading is done, there will be plenty more fun to be had, of course. Why not carry on with the cheerleader themed hen weekend watching Bring It On, the ultimate cheerleader film. Or you could try your newly learned moves when you hit the town.

If you’re feeling really brave, you could even perform your routine at the wedding reception. The guests will love it. And it will help make the bride’s day even more special.

Vanessa Robinson is the Events Manager at Pink Kiss, the dance party specialists. She says: “Dancing together is a great activity for friends. And cheerleading is a wonderful way to make the party girl feel extra special. We run cheerleading classes all over the UK and they’re always a big hit with the girls who do them.”

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