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Get your hen weekend off to Glee-ful start

If there’s one TV show everyone’s talking about at the moment it’s Glee. The all singing, all dancing drama is a huge sensation across the world. So what better way to spend a hen weekend than satisfying your inner Gleek?

Themed dance parties are becoming a more and more popular feature of hen weekends. They’re a great way for old friends to get together and have fun. But they’re also fantastic icebreakers if people don’t know each other very well. With a dance party, everyone gets to dance to some great songs – and learn some fantastic moves. What else could you need to get the perfect hen weekend started?

A Glee themed dance class will feature classic songs from the show like “Don’t Stop Believing", "Single Ladies" and "Vogue". They concentrate on the dance moves rather than the singing. But you can always attend to that later on with a bit of karaoke! As you progress through the session, you’ll learn a fantastic routine. If you’re feeling really brave you could even try performing it on the bride’s big day! The guests at the wedding are sure to absolutely love it.

Dancing is a great way to have fun and get the hen weekend started. But it’s also a great way to exercise. Many women find they prefer dancing to going to the gym. You’ll find you’re having so much fun learning the moves you don’t even notice you’re exercising.

Vanessa Robinson is the Events Manager at Pink Kiss, the dance party experts. She says: “Dancing at a hen weekend is a MUST DO. So why not go one step further and get a routine together? Glee is full of songs that are absolutely perfect to dance to.

“We’ve found loads of people have come to us booking a Glee themed party for a hen weekend. There are Gleeks everywhere!”

And after the dance session is over, you can always keep the Glee theme going. Whether you want to head out to a karaoke bar to sing hits from the show or simply get together for a huge Glee marathon, your hen weekend is sure to go spectacular-glee!

So, if you love the hit TV series Glee, a Glee themed dance class will be perfect for your hen weekend. Dancing to classics like “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Vogue” is a perfect way to get your hen weekend started in style.

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