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Who needs a hen night when you can have a whole hen weekend? Spreading different activities across a couple of days is a fantastic way to celebrate the bride-to-be’s last days of freedom. It means that rather than just a night on the tiles, you can get involved in a variety of activities – some of which you might never have dreamed of doing.


Whether you want to dance, drive or dive, there are lots of opportunities to make your hen weekend a weekend to remember.


Of course, keeping a brood of hens entertained over a weekend takes some planning. So, we at Pink Kiss have come up with some suggestions about day time activities to get you thinking!


  • Kitchen craftiness – there’s nothing better than home-made food and drink. Especially when the food is chocolate and the drinks are cocktails!
  • Afternoon tea – with a night of partying ahead, why not take some time out with afternoon tea, along with sandwiches and cake. A perfect way to catch up with old friends
  • Bath time bonanza – make bath time a great time by creating your own bath bombs! Pick your own fragrances, colours and moulds to make a bath time treat as individual as you are
  • The wheels on the bus... – take in the thrills, spills, sights and sounds of your host city with a fantastic bus tour
  • Lock and load – take a sedate trip along one of the UK’s many canals – and stop off at a pub or two on the way
  • Pedal power – if you’re feeling energetic, why not take a cycle tour around the area? It’s a great way to see the sights – and keep fit too.


Vanessa Robinson, Events Manager at hen party specialists Pink Kiss says: “There’s so much choice these days about what you can do to celebrate your friend’s forthcoming weddings. Lots of girls are choosing to do so much more than just go out for the evening now.


“A hen weekend marks a real milestone for your group of friends, so it’s important to make it special. But there are plenty of people out there who can help you.”

Are you in the mood for dancing on your hen weekend? Pink Kiss is the place to come to. Pink Kiss runs dance classes in cities across the UK.

Want to recreate scenes from classic dance packed films like Grease, Dirty Dancing or Flashdance? Maybe you want to try out cheerleading? What about trying something a bit naughtier with pole or burlesque dancing? Whatever dance style you’re looking for, Pink Kiss is the place for you.

Charlotte from Bournemouth had a great time when she booked a burlesque class: ‘Our instructor Jen was amazing at making us feel comfortable and at ease!’ she says. ‘All twelve of us, ranging from 20 to 63 LOVED it! Two ladies will be booking for hen parties [with Pink Kiss] soon. A five star session.’

But it’s not just dancing Pink Kiss can help with. Pink Kiss can help you arrange the rest of your hen weekend with a variety of packages including everything from pampering to something a bit more adventurous!

Make your hen weekend the perfect weekend with Pink Kiss.

Find out more by visiting www.pinkkiss.co.uk or call 0845 094 4486 or 07506 826 855. You can also find Pink Kiss on Facebook and Twitter.

There are as many types of hen weekends as there are hens to go on them. While some hens may prefer to take things easy with pampering, others may want to go for an adrenaline fuelled day of motor racing or climbing.

One activity that’s increasing in popularity is dancing. Thanks to shows like Britain’s Got Talent, Got To Dance and So You Think You Can Dance, more and more people want to get down and boogie! Want to know more? Here are eight dancing styles guaranteed to get your hen party grooving.


  1. Pole and burlesque – try something sexy and flirtatious with a pole or burlesque dancing session. It’s not just about the art of seduction: these dance classes are a great way to build confidence, exercise and HAVE FUN
  2. Cheerleading – Give me a B! Give me an R! Give me an I! Give me a D! Give me an E! What have we got? One fantastic hen weekend of dance!
  3. Classic 80’s Dance – The 80’s is back with a vengeance. If you want to re-create the moves from Flashdance or Fame, get your legwarmers and neon outfits ready. Dress sense optional!
  4. ABBA Dance Theme – Are you a dancing queen? If the answer is “ja” (that’s “yes” in Sweedish) then put your money, money, money where your mouth is and take a chance on this dance session
  5. Glee Dance Theme – One for gleeks everywhere. A Glee themed dance party is a sure fire way to get the party started for all fans of the hit TV series
  6. Thriller Dance – Celebrate one of MJ’s definitive moments by re-creating all the moves from the dance sensation that is Thriller! And to make it extra special why not slap on some zombie make up?
  7. Movie favourites: Dirty Dancing or Grease – Ever dreamed of being Baby or Sandy for the day? Well, now you can. Have the time of your life with a movie themed dance party. It’s sure to be the one that you want!
  8. Mix and match – not sure what you want to do? How about mixing and matching? Whether it’s combining pole with Glee or Cheerleading with Thriller, it’s all about making your dance session perfect.


Vanessa Robinson, Events Manager at hen party specialists Pink Kiss says: “Dancing parties are a great way to get together with friends and have some fun. Whether you want to relive some of your favourite moments from film or TV or try something a little more risqué, you’re sure to find a dance style that works for you.”

Hen weekends are a great excuse for girls to get together and have some FUN. While the days can be filled with activities from afternoon tea to pampering or dancing classes, the evening is all about letting your hair down. And what better way to get into the party mood than with some great hen party games?

Games are a great way to break the ice – especially if not everyone on your hen weekend knows each other. How about challenging a friend to sing an unprepared song, or to order her drink without speaking?

It’s always a good idea to tailor your games around the bride. Perhaps you could hold a quiz to see just how well she knows her man! And don’t forget to let him see the results after the party’s over! Maybe you could prepare some true or false questions about the bride which everyone gets to answer: the more embarrassing the better! Did she really do that?

How about pinning the veil on the bride or giving out challenges to everyone in the party to do over the course of the night: anything from kissing a random stranger to making a wedding dress from toilet roll.

If you’re feeling really brave, you might try a game of “truth or dare” or “I have never…” The rules of “truth or dare” are simple! All you need is a bottle to spin – and a lot of courage. Get everyone to sit in a circle and spin the bottle. The person the bottle points at is then challenged to answer a question truthfully – or do a dare!

“I have never…” is slightly different. Each person must take it in turns to say something they have never done. If anyone else has done this thing, they must take a drink.

But it needn’t stop with these ideas. With just a little imagination you can make your hen party an amazing night to remember for both the bride-to-be and all her friends.

Vanessa Robinson, Events Manager at hen party specialists Pink Kiss, says: ‘It’s really important for everyone to have a great time at a hen party. Very often people won’t know each other, so playing a few games is a great way for everyone to make friends quickly.’

Remember: the main thing is for everyone to have fun. So make sure everyone’s happy with what you want to do and no one inside or out of the group gets hurt (emotionally or physically).

We'd love to hear from you about what your favourite dance style is. Burlesque or Salsa? Bollywood or Belly dancing? Why do you prefer your chosen style? Do you have any funny dance related stories? It'd be great to hear from you!

Have you got a great memory of a Pink Kiss dance session? Why not put a comment here? Don't forget to check out the testimonials page too.

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